About the Trust

Our Approach to Records and Development is Unique

The Trust is unique internationally in terms of the nature of its vision and mandate, its broad international experience, the breadth and length of its work across different sectors, and its consistent track record of successful project delivery. Our projects are distinguished by our long-term commitment to the people of the countries we serve, our close collaboration with local stakeholders at all levels of government, our commitment to team work, and our ability to relate international good practice to the realities of local requirements and resources.

We emphasise the importance of managing government records as a basis for protecting civil and human rights, reducing poverty, controlling corruption, strengthening democracy, promoting economic and social stability, improving services to citizens, and demonstrating accountability and transparency.

Our London office manages our portfolio of projects, supported by a consultancy team drawn from the public and private sectors and from academic institutions across the world.  We work through a wide network of partnerships across development, professional and academic boundaries.

We monitor the impact of technology on the way that government records are created, used and stored, and support the transition from paper to electronic record-keeping systems. In addition to creating freely available training material, we have assisted many countries to build sustainable laws, policies, systems, facilities and procedures for the management of records and archives.

Our Projects Fall into Three Interrelated Programme Areas

Consultancy Services: We work with local policy makers, stakeholders and records professionals to develop and introduce effective and sustainable legal and regulatory management frameworks for records and information, including, laws, policies, systems, procedures and facilities at the central or local level, or in relation to particular functions. We have delivered records management improvement projects in over 35 countries.

Training and Education: We develop capacity building training modules, assessment tools, guidance materials and programmes that can be downloaded without charge.  Our study materials for records professionals have contributed to the development of many educational programmes.

Development Research: We study and analyse the relationship between records management, access to information, electronic government and other development objectives and seek to identify the elements of meaningful and effective approaches.

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