Our Research Explores Records in Relation to  Development Issues

We have been studying the relationship between records management and access to information, e-government, financial management, and services for citizens for a decade and a half. We have given particular attention to the issues involved in the transition to the electronic working environment, the impact on public sector records and the regulatory framework needed to ensure that the records are available, authentic and useable across time and across sites. In addition to producing reports of our research, we have developed assessment tools to measure the strength of records systems in relation to these objectives, and we continue to develop new tools.

Our Research Reports and Assessment Tools Are Available without Charge

We make our research reports and assessment tools available free of charge, use them as the basis for developing education and training programmes, and work with governments to apply them practically. The ongoing cycle of research, education and training, and application helps us to understand what is needed, what works and what does not work.

Our most recent research project, funded by the Canadian International Development Research Centre, has identified issues of significance for East African regional development:  Strengthening Governance in the Electronic Environment:  Managing Records as Reliable Evidence for E-Government, ICT and Freedom of Information.